How to add a single Echo video to Moodle Coursepage

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Having movies held within Echo360 means that you don’t have to resize them, as the system takes care of the streaming.
However you want to avoid forcing your students to have to search for a video amongst a whole collection within Echo360.
This is possible by linking directly to a particular video on the moodle page.

Part A: Add Video to Echo Section

  • Open your Echo360 Section in Moodle
  • Add class
  • Add content- Video

Part B: Link to your video as a Moodle activity

  1. Add Echo360 Cloud
  2. Name the activity
  3. Save and Display
  4. Locate your section
  5. Link to classroom
  6. Search if needed
  7. Select the video
  8. Link Content button

There is a video showing how to do this here

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