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Making Your Online Course Mobile Friendly

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  Did you know that a majority of students surveyed access their learning content while on the move on a regular basis? If that learning content is on a Learning Management System (LMS, e.g. Moodle or Blackboard) then we need to begin thinking about how to ensure that course pages, activities and resources are viewable and easy… continue reading »

Keeping up with University eLearning News

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If you want to keep up with what is happening with University of Otago eLearning, check out the eLearning News blog by eLearning, Teaching and Learning Facilities (ITS). This is where you can find the latest updates on what is happening with SafeAssign, Blackboard, Otago Capture and other University of Otago supported eLearning platforms.

Moodle Workshop Activity

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Workshop is a powerful peer assessment activity. At UOC we use it with a marking Rubric and students peer assess each others presentations live online for the whole 100 students in TI year in Hauora Maori Students submit their own work and then receive a number of submissions from other students which they must assess… continue reading »

Tagging Moodle Resources for the Curriculum Map

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By tagging resources within Moodle, the curriculum map will automatically display this link on the appropriate Core Element, such as Core Presentations, Core Professional Activities and Core Conditions. The resource sits within Moodle, so will only be accessible by medical students and staff. But you can see the link without a login. You can tag… continue reading »

Moodle Glossary Activity

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The glossary activity module allows participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary. Glossary can be used in many ways. The entries can be searched or browsed in different formats. A glossary can be a collaborative activity or be restricted to entries made by the teacher. Entries can be put in… continue reading »

Personal Learning Environments – An Overview

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  There are many benefits that can be had through the use of technologies in education. Technology can be used both to stimulate and continue learning, building lifelong habits of learning in those willing to take advantage of what technology can offer as a tool for enhancing educational opportunities. One way to build lifelong learning… continue reading »

Moodle Quiz Activity

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The Moodle quiz activity is probably the best assessment and learning tool in Moodle. Set it so that the quiz becomes a learning exercise with feedback as they go through it or as a summative assessment to a final grade. Moodle quiz has loads of question types to make it more interesting than that boring… continue reading »