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Free Image Resources

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Adding images to learning resources can help with learning, but legally usable images can be hard to find … Check these posts for some sources and information about legal use: Finding Images on the Web and CC-BY or CC-BY-NC Today, the tweet above caught my eye. The site: https://redstagfulfillment.com/free-stock-photo-resources/  profiled, lists 85 other sites that collect… continue reading »

How to add a single Echo video to Moodle Coursepage

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Having movies held within Echo360 means that you don’t have to resize them, as the system takes care of the streaming. However you want to avoid forcing your students to have to search for a video amongst a whole collection within Echo360. This is possible by linking directly to a particular video on the moodle… continue reading »

Blogging and Tweeting in Higher Education

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Are you using blogging for education, pedagogy, research? Would you like to participate in a Twitter Conference? PressEDConf18 is the place to be … Contributions due 23 February 2018. Conference starts 2200h 29 March 2018 (1000h 29 March 2018 British Summer Time) Participate by following the hashtag #pressedconf18 More info at https://pressedconf.org/   Want some… continue reading »

Making Your Online Course Mobile Friendly

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  Did you know that a majority of students surveyed access their learning content while on the move on a regular basis? If that learning content is on a Learning Management System (LMS, e.g. Moodle or Blackboard) then we need to begin thinking about how to ensure that course pages, activities and resources are viewable and easy… continue reading »