How to reduce the file size of a Video using Handbrake

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Reducing the size of video files is useful to save bandwidth and make videos more accessible for students on the move.
If you are using Moodle there is a file-size limit of 200Mb. If you are making the video available via Echo360 that limit does not apply, as Echo360 streams the file.
Fortunately reducing the file size of a video is relatively easy using Handbrake, which is freely available open source software.

How to reduce the file size.

  1. Download and install the freeware software called Handbrake from
  2. Open your file in Handbrake using menubar icon ‘Open Source’
  3. Choose the location and name of the Destination file (The file to be created)
  4. Choose the Preset ‘Fast 1080p30’ found in the right side of the menubar
  5. Select Start

A two minute video is available here Does not play in Safari 🙁.
More info is available at this link.

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