Moodle Workshop Activity

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Workshop is a powerful peer assessment activity. At UOC we use it with a marking Rubric and students peer assess each others presentations live online for the whole 100 students in TI year in Hauora Maori

Students submit their own work and then receive a number of submissions from other students which they must assess according to the teacher’s specifications. (They may also assess their own work if the teacher requests this.) Text may be typed directly into Moodle’s editor, or files of any type may be uploaded, as long as others have the software to view them. The teacher can decide whether to show or hide the identities of the students to each other when assessing is taking place.

Two grades are given and appear in the Gradebook: a grade for the student’s own submission and a grade for the quality of their peer assessment skills.

Find out more here how to use it here

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