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Our good friend Gala Hesson developed some excellent resources on design for elearning when she worked for HEDC, which are sadly no longer available online. However, she has graciously allowed us to share the handout from her Communication Design for eLearning workshop. If you’re wondering about some good principles for elearning design, this handout is a great place to get an overview that can shape your further investigation.

The handout draws on the work of a number of researchers, particularly Clark and Mayer’s text eLearning and the Science of Instruction. In particular, it explores the principles of

1: multimedia
2: contiguity
3: modality
4: redundancy
5: coherence
6: personalisation

There are some good, clear illustrations of these principles in this handout, and advice on design aspects for your eLearning projects. Take a look! e-learning_handout

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