Power Copy and Paste

philblyth How-To


As we roll into the new year, a few quick tips on how to Copy and Paste will save you time.

In the following video you will see how to:

  1. Find the place in a Word document where you were editing the last time you worked on the document.(Shift+ F5 (Mac and PC))
  2. Move or copy a selection in Word with just your mouse (and the Option (Mac) or Shift (PC) button).
  3. Move, copy and insert cells in Excel with just your mouse (and the Option or Shift (Mac) and ALT or Shift (PC) buttons)
  4. In Excel Paste without borders, so you don’t lose all those precious cell borders, using ‘Paste Special’ (CTRL+CMD+V (Mac) or ALT+H+V (PC)
  5. Automatically ‘Fill Down’ without having to scroll down endless screens in Excel. (Click the bottom right hand corner of a cell)
  6. Column Copying in Word so you only get e.g. email addresses. (Hold down option (Mac) or ALT (PC) while you click and drag).
  7. Use JumpCut (MAC freeware) to copy and paste multiple things, (copy copy copy, then paste paste paste)


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