Preparing for the Move to eReserve

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eReserve – What is it?

In order to keep better track of what digital resources are being used and how often they are being used while satisfying our legal and contractual requirements, the University of Otago has made the decision to move to a software program called eReserve. This program is being administered by the Copyright team and the library to create a one-stop shop for all your course’s published digital resources; whether article links, pdfs, or ebooks.

How do I prepare?

eReserve is already in use in some parts of the University, and if you are ready to use it now, it can be set up for your course. The entire university will be expected to move to eReserve in 2017. To prepare for the move follow these three simple steps and you will be able to easily move over to the new system when you are ready.

  1. Go through all of your current published digital resources (e.g. journal articles, ebooks, linked articles), make sure you have full reference details for them, and that your resources are up-to-date and important for your students’ learning.
  2. Set up an EndNote library for the published resources you want to use in your course/module. I recommend that if you teach in multiple courses/modules, that you set up a separate library for each one.
  3. Once your Endnote library is complete, export it to RIS format (visit to learn how), and you will be able to import this document directly into eReserve when you are ready to begin using it.

Where can I learn more?

The Library and Copyright Team have put together a webpage with more information about eReserve and how to set it up for Blackboard and Moodle. Visit to find out more.

If you are interested in getting into eReserve sooner rather than later, feel free to contact your eLearning Facilitator for assistance on getting eReserve set up in your Course/Module page.

In Wellington: Tehmina Gladman (

In Christchurch: Scott Hallman (

In Dunedin: Steve Gallagher (

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