How To Add Images to Moodle Quickly

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1. In Word or Powerpoint, zoom till the size of the image is about what you want it to be. (add an arrow if you want )

2. Copy a screenshot to the clipboard.

On a Mac Type CMD+Shift+4, Then hold down CTRL while you click and drag over the image. Release the mouse

On a PC with Windows XP you can hold down ALT+PrntScrn, but you get the whole screen. Later versions have the ‘snipping tool’

3. In Moodle, Click your profile picture (top right)>My Profile, Then on the Left “Edit Profile’

4. Scroll down to ‘Preferences’

5. Change the Text editor to ‘Atto HTML editor’

6. Open your quiz, or label, or whichever textbox you are trying to put the picture into.

7. Paste (Rt Click or CMD+V, or CTRL+V)

A video is available at How To Copy Image Into Moodle Quickly on the staff support page.

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